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Frequently Asked Questions

How do breeder heat pumps compare with other heat pumps?

With over 30 years of heat pump heater design experience, Breeder Heat Pumps are built to outperform the competition. Advanced micro-computer technology and exclusive design features result in 25% more heating performance than other leading heat pumps. Unlike most other heat pump heaters, which use off-the-shelf components, Breeder uses components specifically designed for optimum performance. This means higher efficiency and lower operating costs than competitive heat pumps. All Breeder Heat Pump heaters are equipped with our Turboguard heat exchanger for long life and high performance. In addition, with its unique micro-computer technology, Breeder heat pumps operate most cost-effectively throughout the full range of operating conditions, significantly outperforming the competition in the critical 40-60 degree air temperature range.


What does the breeder titanium heat exchanger offer?

The turbo titanium heat exchanger is designed to be used in breeder heat pump heaters.  The name reflects (2) key aspects of the heat exchanger's design. "Turbo" reflects the enhanced surface turbo action of the water and freon in the heat exchanger and the nature of the fusion blended alloy material used to guard against or prevent corrosion of the heat exchanger.

What is enhanced surface tubing? 
Enhanced surface tubing is a twisted tube as opposed to standard round tube. It has two major advantages over standard round tube as follows:

  • 3-4 times the surface area over a given length versus standard round tube (more surface area equals more heat transfer and a more compact design). More heat transfer equals more efficiency which equals lower operating costs for the owner.
  • Turbulating action of the water as it swirls around the twisted tube (water simply passes over round tube in a straight line). The turbulating action of the water increases heat transfer and acts as a self cleaning mechanism, eliminating scale and corrosion on the surface of the tube. The net result is significantly lower operating costs.

Titanium Advantages

  • Designed and developed for the best performance and highest efficiency in the industry
  • Enhanced surface tubing design
  • Long lasting with A LIFETIME heat exchanger warranty to back it up
  • Better than copper...all the benefits without the negatives associated with copper
  • The next generation of heat exchangers


What is 24 hour auto heat?

24 hour auto heat is a feature that efficiently maintains your desired temperature 24 hours a day. It eliminates the need for an old time clock, replacing it with its own integrated filter/pump controller.  The system divides your programmed filter pump run time into six (6) equal periods, this allows the breeder heat pump to sample the water temperature and add heat if needed keeping your desired water temperature precisely where you want it.









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